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Broadband, unlimited €300 voucher plan Isee ready

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Coupons for families without income discrimination, fiber optic condominium rewards and cloud services incentives. New interventions are taking shape to support ultra-wideband deployment, which is currently in a public consultation by Infratel, the in-house company of the Department of Economic Development that administers the plan. Following the operators’ feedback, we will proceed with a decree from the ministry that will also divide resources among the various interventions. There are 407.5 million available from the National Fund for Development and Cohesion, 80% of which are for the regions of southern Italy. The highest shares are headed to Sicily (81.5 million), Campania (75.9) and Puglia (32.8).

Suitable for families

For families, vouchers of €300 are offered, without restrictions based on the ISEE (Indicator of Economic Equivalent Situation) in contrast to the first round of contributions that started in November 2020 and closed a year later. Infratel clarifies that the value of 300 euros has been established on the basis of the evaluation of the prices of the offers in the market, estimating that with this contribution it is possible to cover on average up to 50% of the contract that guarantees a super cost. Broadband service up to 24 months.

Resources by region

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How will the bonus work

Families that completely lack connection service or are moving from nodes with less than 30Mbps performance to a higher service will be able to access the contribution, obviously until the resources are exhausted. In the event that more than one high-speed network has access to the building, the voucher can be issued only for the highest express offer among the available offers, in any case, only one contribution will be recognized per family unit located in the same house. There will be no obligation to remain bound by the contract from which you benefited from the voucher and the right to withdraw will remain, but in this case you will lose the right to the remainder of the incentive.

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The public consultation prepared by the company led by Marco Belleza also anticipates, based on the needs indicated by the individual regions, the possibility of introducing regional restrictions, for example to give priority to the most disadvantaged regions.

condominium voucher

The first phase of the vouchers, which was reserved for families with Isi up to a maximum of 20,000 euros and also linked to the award of a computer or tablet, did not work as expected and saw only 107 million of the 200 million allocated. . With the waste and then turn it into incentives for small and medium businesses. Phase 2, without Isee limits, offers as a new money extension to two other franchises: for residential vertical cabling and cloud services. Residential units must be connected by fiber optics and each apartment must be accessed separately. In this case, the amount of the bonus remains to be determined and in the public consultation Infratel asks the operators to express their position on how to determine the cost of the intervention.

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