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Worried about aging? Here’s the trick to beating it according to science

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Fear of the passage of time affects 63% of Italians. But there is an (easy) way to overcome aging anxiety

According to research from a few years ago Fear of aging affects 63% of Italians. It is strange that the number coincides with the number registered in the United States, where Forbes Health It reveals that the same percentage of Americans, 63%, suffer from anxiety about the effects of aging. But some good news is coming from the USA: A study conducted at the University of Iowa discovered a simple yet effective way to ease concerns related to aging. what is he talking about?

Aging Anxiety: How to Overcome It

A research team led by Professor Sarah Francis from the University of Iowa has identified aging anxiety as a factor capable of influencing the entire aging process. This anxiety includes fears and concerns about possible loss of independence, deterioration of relationships, and physical and mental abilities. And discomfort in being with the elderly. “Several studies have shown that high levels of anxiety about aging also have negative repercussions on health. Conversely, viewing this stage of life in a more positive way brings benefits to overall well-being,” Francis explains. And The key to facing the advanced years with optimism and overcoming the anxiety resulting from aging is regular physical activity.

Aging anxiety: the study

Understand how aging anxiety is related to physical activity and various other factors (age, gender, marital status, income), The researchers designed an online survey containing 142 questions to ask 1,250 participants of different ages.. The finding was that a positive attitude towards physical activity is associated with a reduced fear of aging. “One of the most important findings is that greater positivity towards physical activity is associated with lower anxiety about aging,” the scientist comments. This may be because The physical, mental and social benefits of activity, which contribute to overall health And to a more positive perception of the aging process: Physical exercise, especially strength training, helps older people maintain bone and muscle mass, thus maintaining motor control and reducing the risk of dementia. Not only: Regular physical activity has been shown to have numerous benefits, including metabolic and anti-inflammatory effects According to some studies, it can directly affect cytogenetics, stimulating endogenous protein production An enzyme called telomeraseWhich has a direct effect on cell aging. This can definitely help Slow down the aging process Maintaining good physical and mental health.

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Breaking the barriers of aging

But be careful: despite the well-known benefits of physical exercise, not least a more peaceful relationship with the fear of aging, There are many barriers that prevent many middle-aged and older adults from maintaining an active lifestyle. Some people fear injury, others can’t afford a gym membership. To address these issues, Francis and his team are testing a virtual wellness program that includes at-home physical activities and videos to encourage healthy eating and consumption of protein-rich foods. the Therefore, home exercise programs can be an available treatment against the fear of aging. The important thing is that these messages are personalized and not generic, otherwise they may increase the risk of discontent. “Listening to the people we are addressing is critical to creating targeted messages, rather than one-size-fits-all solutions,” he concludes. The expert.

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