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World Cup 82: Lombardy celebrates Italy and Brazil, Collovati Prize – Calcio

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(ANSA) – MILAN, July 5 – Exactly 40 years have passed since the unforgettable “Italy-Brazil 3-2” of July 5, 1982, and the Lombardy region decided to remember the legendary World Cup challenge held in Spain. A symbolic recognition of the former defender of Milan and Inter (and of course the national team) Fulvio Kolovati. “The representative of the national team, the world champion, who wrote the history of Italian football – commented the Lombard governor Attilio Fontana – and this entered the hearts of all Italians even and above all after the victory over Brazil.”

In receiving the Kolovati Prize, he explained, “That match dedicated us to the world champions, and from that moment we realized our ability to reach this goal.”

Returning to Paolo Rossi, the champion of that era with a historic treble, Kolovati, very excited, described him as a “sunny boy, always smiling. For those who were part of this team, it’s as if he’s still with us.”

Mr. Berzot and the whole group “believed in him. And Kolovati concluded – he was the architect of our rebirth.” (Dealing).

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