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World Cup-1: Open against Canada tomorrow

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Ljubljana (Slovenia) – Eve Day at home to the Azzurri, with Di Giorgi’s boys awaiting their debut against Canada tomorrow at 9.15pm (live on Rai 2 TV and SKY SPORT Arena), will have a routine training session this afternoon on the secondary ground.
Anticipation is building for the match against the North Americans, which will mark the start of the World Championships for the men’s national team, who will be given the starting line-up as the European champions.
The World Cup promises to be uncertain and complicated, but in the Blue Team we are working with calmness and the awareness that it is important to start on the right foot.

Introduction by GIANLUCA GALASSI-

For many of us there is a bit of emotion and tension because it is the first World Championship, but ours is a positive tension because we want to play, try to go as far as possible, so we live. Well this wait. We are here with more awareness than in the last European countries, we have more games on our feet and in our heads, so we always need a little more experience than the World Cup; We will do our best based on these conditions. In my opinion, having many people in the introduction can be an added value, but if approached in the right way, we will have a great desire to do it, so it is important to properly combine all our energies and manage them carefully. Feelings and emotions that we don’t have. never lived”.

Galassi continues to talk about the first part of the season:

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“It was definitely a positive VNL, although we qualified for the host country, we gained access to the final first in the general classification, then in Cuneo we faced two strong teams, and overall, we measured ourselves against high-level opponents. The highest allowed us to understand many things. Here is the formula. It doesn’t allow us to make calculations, every game has a huge value, so we try to win through the game and then wait for the next round of competition.

Finally, the Blue Center concludes by talking about the teams in the group:

“They are probably not high-level opponents, but this is not the right description, they are great teams that play great volleyball, so we have to face them with great concentration and humility, we have to think about our game. As forward as possible.”.

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