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GP Canada 2022 – Results PL1 – F1 Results – Formula 1

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Max Verstappen showed excellent play In the first free workout of the Canadian Grand Prix. Because of the threat of rain on the way to PL2, many teams have devoted a portion of their operation to racing speed simulations and modified aerodynamic tests to better understand a track that has been missing from the calendar for three years. However, the Dutch Red Bull driver stopped the clock at 1: 15.158 using soft alloy tires. Carlos Science is two and a half times ahead of Ferrari.

Third place went to Fernando Alonso’s Alpine He, unlike the first two, reached his best time with a medium mix with less than four-tenths of a delay in Verstappen. The yellow tire was the most used by Sergio Perez And Charles Leklerk With both riders (in fourth and fifth place, respectively, among the most agile in terms of racing) for their long runs.

Sixth test for George’s first Mercedes Russell, Which brought in a new base, and added a second tie rod between the body and the underside of the car to try to minimize the porpoising effects. Another silver arrow, Louis HamiltonLance is the eighth sandwich between two Aston Martins உலா (Seventh) and Sebastian Incision (Ninth), Danielle McLaren Ricciardo Complete the Top-10.

Alex Alban’s Williams performed well in this session, ranking 13th behind Pierre Casley and Lando Norris, while Alfa Romeos and Haas are still trailing. A minor technical problem with the front right brake of the Esteban Ocon was caused by a plastic bag collected by his alpine at the beginning of the session, but was resolved shortly by his kinetics.

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F1 | Canadian GP 2022, Free Training 1 Classification

Pose Pilot Team Time and composition Detachment Turns
1 Max Verstappen Red bull 1: 15.158 (S) 27
2 Carlos Science Ferrari 1: 15.404 (S) +0.246 34
3 Fernando Alonso Alpine 1: 15,531 (M) +0.373 31
4 Sergio Perez Red bull 1: 15.619 (S) +0.461 32
5 Charles Leklerk Ferrari 1: 15.666 (S) +0.508 30
6 George Russell Mercedes 1: 15,822 (S) +0.664 29
7 Lance உலா Aston Martin 1: 15,877 (S) +0.719 32
8 Louis Hamilton Mercedes 1: 15,877 (S) +0.719 27
9 Sebastian Incision Aston Martin 1: 16.041 (S) +0.883 33
10 Daniel Ricciardo McLaren 1: 16.083 (S) +0.925 29
11 Bear Like gas AlphaTauri 1: 16.165 (S) +1.007 29
12 Landau Norris McLaren 1: 16.211 (S) +1,053 17
13 Alexander Alban Williams 1: 16.308 (S) +1.150 29
14 Yuki Sunoda AlphaTauri 1: 16.322 (S) +1.164 33
15 Estephan Or with Alpine 1: 16.421 (S) +1.263 26
16 Voltaire Potassium Alfa Romeo 1: 16.426 (S) +1.268 27
17 Guanyu Jௌ Alfa Romeo 1: 17.152 (S) +1.994 30
18 Mick Shoemaker Haas 1: 17.223 (S) +2.065 25
19 Nicholas Latifi Williams 1: 17.241 (S) +2.083 33
20 Kevin Magnussen Haas 1: 17,555 (S) +2.397 31

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