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World Autism Awareness Day: Free listening space, free visits to American Arabic, and expert advice

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On the occasion of “World Autism Awareness Day”, Promise – World Autism Awareness Day celebrated on Saturday 2 April and on the occasion of the Blue Open Day in April promoted by the Lazio region in support of children and families living with this disease. The ASL of Rieti organizes a prevention and awareness initiative to draw attention to knowledge of autism spectrum disorders, the rights of people affected by them, and the rights of their families.

According to the data of the National Observatory for the Monitoring of Autism Spectrum Disorders, in Italy, 1 in 77 children (from 7 to 9 years old) suffers from autism spectrum disorder with a higher prevalence in males, who are affected 4.4 times more often than in females.

The operators of the Mental Health Protection and Developmental Rehabilitation Unit of the ASL of Rieti (neurologists, psychologists, psychotherapists, speech therapists, neurotherapists, developmental age psychologists, physiotherapists and social workers) will ensure space for listening, advice and guidance Phone, April 4-8 from 12 to 12 14, to respond to requests and questions from families, pediatricians, teachers and kindergarten teachers who will request this on 0746/279413.

On Saturday 23 and Saturday 30 April, from 9 to 18, service operators will be present at the outpatient clinic via del Terminillo No. 42, (Block 5), for free specialist visits and consultations: for reservations you can call 0746 279413 or send an email to p.carraro

On the indicated days, specific information materials on the topic of autism will be made available and projects implemented by ASL of Rieti, such as the RE.DI.NE project, will be demonstrated. For early identification of children at risk of developing a neurodevelopmental disorder and the partnership within the Arcipelago project, which includes the construction of a multi-purpose center for people with autism and people with other disabilities with complex needs in cooperation with local authorities and the third sector.

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