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China: New Laboratory for Deep Space Exploration – Xinhua News

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Editorial responsibility of Xinhua News Agency.

(Xinhua) – BEIJING, Feb. 26 – The Chinese laboratory for deep space exploration has officially opened. This was announced by the China National Space Administration (CNSA).

The laboratory was established by China Space Agency, Anhui Province and China University of Science and Technology, and the laboratory is located in Hefei.

The center will conduct scientific and technological research activities, focusing on major national projects in the field of deep space exploration, as well as promoting the transformation of research results, according to the CNSA.

The agency will support the laboratory in participating in the construction of major engineering projects, including the fourth phase of the Lunar Exploration Program, the Planetary Exploration Program, the International Lunar Science Research Station and the Asteroid Defense System, as CNSA President Zhang Qijian said. .

Zhang concluded that the space agency will help the laboratory develop basic, large-scale scientific research facilities in deep space exploration, as well as promote scientific programs and international cooperation projects such as the lunar research station. (Xinhwa)

Editorial responsibility of Xinhua News Agency.