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The Aurora neighborhood is becoming increasingly open to art through the fireworks space

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A new space dedicated to contemporary arts, a center for experimentation and a center for exchange between designers, architects, artists and creatives, has opened its doors to Auroraan increasingly dynamic and sophisticated neighborhood with its underground art scene and melting pot, despite tensions, divisions and social anxiety.

It is located here, on Via Alessandria, in the same courtyard where the great painter’s studio is also located Daniele GaleanoSpazio Pirotecnico, exhibition venue and headquarters of the new transverse group B[r]odo Culturele who contributed to the creation of the exhibited works.

“The spaces of Via Alessandria are a place for creativity and display,” he explains Stefania Prada, one of the souls of the project – serves as a sounding board for the many artistic ideas that arise from sparks of creative passion. Spazio Pirotecnico brings together and welcomes different skills and knowledge thanks to its heterogeneous team and the network of architectural firms, communication agencies, professionals and craftsmen with which it cooperates. Its activities range from art to architecture, from graphics to design, to installations and event organisation.

In addition to the exhibition area, there is also an active industrial pavilion used for woodworking where the works are actually created. Many of the sculptures on display are signed by Piero Pradaan artist and designer from Turin, who was in the past with group Boudino He designed important installations and structures in the Mole Antonelliana and Lingotto, from Bolla to Scrigno, up to the Teatro Regio.

“B[r]odo Culturee, the beating and creative heart of Spazio Pirotecnico, wants to be an open reality not only for art in its multiple expressions, but also for the dissemination of activities and projects involving the community and the neighbourhood,” say the promoters of B.[r]odo Culturele, for Piero Prada, the pioneering artist who is the driving force behind the entire project, is the development of a path that began with the Bodino company, founded in Turin as a manufacturer and foundry for the processing of bronze and other precious alloys, in the 30 90s of the twentieth century. Between the 1990s and 2000s, Prada worked with world-famous architects and artists such as Renzo Piano, Vittorio Gregotti, Studio Aimaro Isola, Studio de Ferrari, Andrea Bruno, Luisella Italia, Benedetto Camerana, Michele De Lucchi and the sculptor Umberto Mastroianni. Today in the Aurora region, in a post-industrial location, it begins again with new challenges open to the plurality of artistic expressions and new generations.

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