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Work and employment at the highest level since 1977: +60.5%, record high –

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Half a million new jobs in one year. Almost all of them are permanent. More than 82,000 in just one month. and an employment rate that breaks through the 60% ceiling (60.5% + 1.5% in 12 months) and reaches a record high: it has never been higher since 1977, The first year of the historic Istat series. October data released yesterday by the Statistical Institute confirms that employment in Italy continues to grow and is driven by stable jobs. more than 500 thousand in one year (+ 3.4%); 117 thousand in just one month (+0.8% compared to September). The largest increase was recorded in the age group over fifty (+4.5% in one year, equal to 393 thousand units), and the number of job seekers decreased – minus 321 thousand, – and the inactive between 15 and 64 years old – minus 366 thousand.

to me Short-term employees also fell 1.2%. Compared to October 2021, when post-Covid uncertainty drove fixed-term contracts instead: last October there were 2.98m. The unemployment rate was 7.8%, while the idle rate was 34.3%. Among youth (15-24), the unemployment rate was 23.9%, down 3.7% compared to October 2021.

Positive and encouraging statements for trade unions and associations. But the Cisl draws attention to the decline in term contracts: “This is not good news because it may indicate a loss of confidence and risks putting an end to the contract’s virtuous stabilization mechanism.” Therefore, he asks the government for “expansionary policies”. there Uil reiterates his disapproval of vouchers: «If the production system invests more in good employment – asks CNT Secretary Ivana Veronese – why reverse course by reintroducing the voucher, a tool that widens social inequalities and increases the risk of poverty at work? ». Confcommercio instead points out the importance of the self-employed which fell in October by 17,000 units for the second consecutive month, “continues to register a gradual downward trend”. Same fear too Confessercenti which therefore asks the government for “measures and resources aimed at protecting entrepreneurial employment”.

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