December 9, 2023

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When is this possible and for how long?

When is this possible and for how long?

Mortgage Payments Suspended: The new digital guide created through collaboration between banks and consumer associations is available online. Let’s see in the next article when you can request feedback and how it works.

ABIItalian Banking Associationprovided a Instructs For families and citizens to facilitate the dissemination of banking and financial information related to the possibility of requesting Mortgage payments suspended.

The guide, in digital format in graphic form, has been available since July 16 on the ABI website and explains the key features of the tool. Let’s see the most important ones Indications In the following article.

Installment suspension: on the basis of mortgages

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they can subject to comment:

  • Mortgages related to property used as a non-luxury main residence not exceeding its value €250,000 (400,000 euros as of December 31, 2022);
  • Mortgages Consume for at least one year who do not have public benefits or insurance policies that cover outstanding premiums for the events in question;
  • Mortgages with a late payments, provided that it does not exceed 90 consecutive days at the time of the application, due to which the benefit of the term has not been forfeited or the contract itself has been terminated, even by notification of the injunction, or it has not happened. Third parties have initiated enforcement action over the encumbered property.

Suspension of Mortgage Payments: Duration and Requirements


Below is me Requirements In order to request a comment that matters to the borrower and should happen In the 3 years preceding the application:

  • the death, recognition of severe disability or Civil invalidity at least 80 percent;
  • job loss work (Temporary or permanent secondary representation, semi-dependent, commercial or agency representation, with current unemployment status);
  • Suspension for a period of no less than 30 days;
  • Reducing working hours for a period of no less than 30 days.
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In the event of suspension or reduction of work, the Max duration From the loan suspension as follows:

  • 6 monthsif the suspension or reduction of working hours lasts between 30 and 150 days;
  • 12 Monthsif the suspension or reduction of working hours lasts between 151 and 302 days;
  • 18 monthsIf the suspension or reduction of working hours continues for more than 303 days.