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Vladimir Putin sick? English Faith 007: Here’s Why, the Clues

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Kyiv, March 13, 2022 – Is Vladimir Putin sick? Yes, at least according to agl007 West Which, in several reports prepared in recent weeks, revealed what could be The state of physical and mental health The Tsar of the Kremlin. The Russian president will suffer from increasingly wrong behavior Based on constant tantrums, It’s almost certainly worth it for drugs He hires to heal himself. Those – according to intelligence agencies in the US, UK, Canada and Australia, citing informed sources – will be subjected to treatment on the basis of Steroids to fight tumor or anyway one severe diseases;

It all begins, explains various media outlets such as the Guardian or the Daily Mail, from Putin’s suspicious, excessive and paranoid attitudes, such as the enormous and unnatural distance between him and his interlocutors in the course of meetings with other leaders and even with his advisers and most loyal collaborators. then this Pale and suspicious swelling especially from neck and face Aspects of Western intelligence can be specifically attributed to the side effects associated with prolonged anti-cancer therapies. But among other hypotheses, there are also those according to which the 69-year-old Russian president is a victim of Parkinson’s disease or suffer from some form of Dementia premature aging.

In short, a physical condition that would greatly affect Putin’s mental health, partly explaining the decision to put himself down against the whole world Invade Ukraine and risk provoking global conflict. Meanwhile, 007 reveals how sources in the Kremlin or near the Kremlin have been telling us in recent years Indications from the boss constantly changing, And like strength Persuasion and clarity From her messages and directions gradually diminishing, cOr how the tsar’s perception of the world around him can become even more ambiguous, when it takes place outside the palace walls. This would also explain Evaluation errors When you start military campaign in ukraine, Where many of the Kremlin’s beliefs have been proven wrong, starting with the reaction of Ukraine and the Western world.

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