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wonder! Scientists have discovered the “Mayan region” of Guatemala, complete with roads, reservoirs, and playgrounds

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The Mayan civilization never ceases to amaze us (and amaze us): a research team led by Idaho State University and the University of Texas (USA) has discovered in present-day Guatemala a huge, previously unidentified settlement, which covers an area of ​​about 1,685 square kilometers connected by 177 kilometers of ancient roads

TRUE “Mayan region“Never previously identified has now been discovered by scientists in northern Guatemala, consisting of 964 interconnected settlements. The startling discovery is the work of a research team led by Dr Idaho State University And fromUniversity of Texas (Uses).

These sites date back to the Preclassic period – which lasted from about 1000 BC until 150 AD and covered aIt covers an area of ​​about 1,685 square kilometres. connected by 177 km of old roads. Detected with LiDAR (abbreviation ‘Light detection and range‘), a sensor system that “bounces” laser signals off surfaces to reveal hidden features and structures, a technique now widely used in studies of this kind.

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In particular, while flying over the Karst Basin Mirador calculus (MCKB), in Guatemala, the team used the system to penetrate the dense jungle and “discover” ancient buildings hidden beneath.

LiDAR analyzes showed that there is Dense concentrations of new and previously unknown contemporary locations – Write the authors about the work – huge platforms, hierarchical constructions, including triplets, many electronic group complexes, bridge networks, stadiums and reservoirs they ordered Huge amounts of work and resourcescentralized by a supposed central organization and management

Explore the Mayan region of Guatemala

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The 964 sites now discovered in 417 cities, towns and villagesSeemingly every part of a single unified civilization, given the coherence of architectural forms and styles, pottery, sculptural art, and architectural styles, the standardization of bridge constructions within a defined geographical area.

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Building such a civilization would probably require lime producers, highly skilled quarry and mortar specialists, stone masons, architects, agricultural supply and logistics specialists, law enforcement personnel and religious officials, They all work in political and ideological harmonyThe researchers explain.

Explore the Mayan region of Guatemala

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A truly unique and amazing discovery that could open the doors to new worlds on the Mayan civilization and on the pre-Columbian people in general. Platforms and large pyramids identified at some of the sites indicate their use as political centres, along with a total of 30 stadiums scattered throughout the find.

The discovery also lights up a beacon from a technological point of view: in fact a karst basin Mirador calculus It has no rivers or lakes open all year round, so only intensive water harvesting projects can guarantee such a large population: in fact, the researchers 195 reservoirs were foundAs well as a network of channels to transport water in the region. “Not bad” for a civilization considered ancient.

The work was published in Ancient Mesoamerica.

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Source: Ancient Mesoamerica

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