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Won the Panettoon from Canada to Qatar

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Dedicated to Christmas 2021, the Cicero Laboratory draws attention to Panetton: the undeniable king of Italian desks is increasingly sought after by the international community. Watch, SIGEP of the Italian Exhibition Committee for Twenty Years – Release of the Dolce World Expo (next January 22-26 Fair in Rimini), Has collected product trends from some of the best pastry chefs and ice cream makers in the country, in fact the craftsman Panetton, which will account for 52% of the இனி 109 million Christmas sweet market in Italy by 2020. .

Sikeb Observatory

Pastry shop

“The recipe has won all over the world. From the local Lombard culture, dessert has been able to settle all over Italy. The quality of our craft spreads around the world. Massari.

Salvador de Risso

According to Salvador de Rizzo, President of AMPI at the Italian Academy of Pastry Masters, “The classics are in high demand because there is a huge return to tradition. I produce 16 varieties ranging from the famous Milanese to limoncello and berries. Dark chocolate and vanilla candied apricot in the “chocolate” blend This year’s novelty, we have customized and tasted our customer Qatar Al Thani for four years.

Luigi Biocetto

Former pastry world champion Luigi Piazzetto said, “Before Panetto, there was a recognition of the superiority of pop products made in Italy by French counterparts, and it was an emotional surprise for Pandoro to promote pure yeasts such as champagne, pineapple or caramel with pistachio and caramel. , Sugar comforts and illustrates, for example, the return of profit, which is normal but tasty in all respects and we generally see an increase in sales of cakes to the detriment of small patties.After the volumes reached 150 per cent last year, it was a sign of the need for comfort and sharing.

Roberto Rinaldini

The idea for a “literary” Christmas, in the laboratory of Roberto Rinaldini, based pastry chef Rimini at the Italian Pastry Masters Academy. “To celebrate the 700th anniversary of the supreme poet, we have created a bonnet dedicated to Dante, filled with creamy vegetarian pistachios, wild strawberries and semi-candied cherries, and covered with creamino glaze and pistachio grains.

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Sonia Balachi

The first pastry queen in history, Sonia Balachi, offers delicious but healthy desserts.
“This year’s Panetone is made from whole flour and perfumed with a mixture of citrus fruits. It is possible to customize the dessert with a variety of ice cream fillings.


“The world has fallen in love with Panettone – Richarmont Internazionale, president of Richmond Club Italy, explains that from this year onwards, Richemont Internazionale is rich and sophisticated and requires a complex process starting from the Thai East. Is powered by a hit by: The four chocolates version of Dark, Milk, and White, the dough is visually impaired but can be felt on the nose and gem, and will be amazing this Christmas.

“Craftsman Panettone has seen a strong increase in demand compared to previous years, even overseas. In Europe, especially in France and Switzerland, but also in the Asian market: China, Hong Kong, Singapore. A tendency to buy quality from small Italian artisans. We find ourselves ready to compare.

Grapes, cedar and orange for the traditional panetone, but you can indulge in “Focasia” with other ingredients. For example, the “Focasia Tea Templar”, made with “coffee of the poor”, chicory, Templars ‘favorite drink, chicory, and the monks’ digestion, is dedicated to Via Francigena. Abbey of Ciaravalle della Colomba de Alceno in Piacentino. Chicory promotes digestion and is rich in polyphenols, strong antioxidants with anti-aging effect, ”says Claudio Katti, President of Master East and Panetton Academy.


Alessandro Dolmasso, president of Club Italia Coupe de Monte de la Podiceri, confirmed the return to a chocolate-like comfort food: “Consumer palate has become more refined and needed, especially for products. We use white cane sugar and vanilla and bourbon berries from pastry chefs who follow the richness of the region and constantly innovate, for example, with the evolution of nougat on a chocolate bar, browned cereals or browned mozzarella with delicious hazelnuts or cocoa crumbs with sweet textures for adults and children. .

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Autumn palette for artistic ice cream: giants, hazelnuts, pistachios and then full-size chocolates from Madagascar to Venezuela with high-acid notes, from baby milk to greed. Citrus bouquet for sorbets. Ingredients to decorate or fill the panetone with cold dessert.

“For walking ice cream, top Italian flavors with pistachio and hazelnuts. , And candied bergamot give a unique flavor to fermented products.

The craft is becoming more and more popular and is represented in every category on the ice cream table: sorbet, dessert, ice cream-filled panetone », says Vincenzo Pennestry, president of the Italian Gelato Producers Association.
For Eugenio Morron, the world champion ice cream parlor at Chip 2020, it’s time for plenty of ingredients, “talking” packaging, and classics of cold desserts: “To fill the panetto, I recommend the pistachio ice cream. .Or with “false” zabaglione, with marsala instead of passito.

We offer half a kilo of Panetton, the most manageable amount for an ice cream maker. Then on the table, off to the sorbet: pear, pomegranate, roasted chestnut, but cocoa mass sorbet, good whole body, or pear with ginger.

Nut water

“The increase in specialty coffees that use only Arabica leads to the consumption of much softer, less creamy coffee served in flavored cups, bringing in coffee with no sugar or milk, a trend seen over the past three years. Filtered coffee or French press.Filted coffees are not consumed much, but are of great interest to tourists.

Award-winning barista champion Francesco Sanabo adds: “A good brewed coffee will always have a handcrafted croissant, but also a snack of the highest quality handicrafts such as bread crumbs and baked eggs and bacon. Spreads with foreign tourism in s.Coffee is not yet a classic in the habit of eating, but it is a cozy food.Finally, looking at the combination of coffee and ice cream I point out that one of the gems made in Italy came back: vanilla immersed in coffee.

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Data on Sigep distribution chains

Italian artisan Panetton recorded 1.6% growth in 2020, reaching 52% of the market worth 10 109 million. The total market, including industrial production, was over 26 thousand tons with a turnover of 209 million euros in 2019 (source: CSM-Nielsen).

Crafts pastry and ice cream, sectors integrated under the same ATECO code, saw 17,514 active businesses by 2020, with 65,000 employees; One-fifth (20.2%) of the 86,000 food craft businesses and 1.3% of the national craft industry. Pure ice cream parlors, integrated into serving points, on the other hand, are active with sales of 39 thousand points in 2019. Valued at over 4 4 billion (sources: Confartigianato Alimentare, Fipe).
As for chocolate, the tablet form recorded the highest growth in 2020 with 4%, reaching 540 million euros in the Italian market, totaling almost 2 billion. With an average consumption of 4.9 kg per family, compared to 11 kg in other parts of Europe, Italian consumers prefer premium qualities. Organic and low in sugar (Source: Euromonitor International).

The espresso coffee supply chain in Italy is worth about ில்லியன் 5 billion and has about 10,000 employees. Starting in the professional equipment market (machinery, coffee grinders and related products), work and economic stimulus, Italy ranks first in the world with a production value of around மில்லியன் 500 million. In the coffee industry, there are more than 800 coffee roasters with about 7,000 employees (source: Istituto Espresso Italiano).

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