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Thus disputes arise –

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From Marco Amarisio

Vilnius applies penalties: prohibition of the transit of goods into the territory of the Union. Medvedev: By the time Ukraine finishes the accession process, the European Union may already be gone

This is how wars begin. This is what it comes down to. lest the wishes of the propagandist prince of the Kremlin come true, That Vladimir Solovyev is now also a well-known face on Italian TVwhich every time he hears about the Baltic states Starts with the rail Demanding immediate conquest on even days, and nuclear annihilation on odd days.

strip of land

The Russian exclave of Kaliningrad has been called in a thousand ways since the war until today. A buffer zone, military post, strongpoint, or Achilles’ heel, because it could serve as a direct threat to Europe but might also find itself completely isolated in the event of a conflict. What seemed certain from the start that this narrow strip of land between Poland and Lithuania, a legacy of World War II, could soon become a barometer of the new geopolitical instability resulting from the invasion of Ukraine. Judging by recent events, the fever is on the rise. Last Saturday, the Lithuanian government banned the transit of goods subject to international sanctions to Russia by rail on its territory. An unannounced measure paralyzes traffic in Moscow The Kaliningrad region, a tiny sliver of Russia overlooking the Baltic Sea, is not surprisingly home to the nuclear-capable Iskander missiles.but without a land border with the mother country, closed by two states joined to the European Union.

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Russians: Low kick

The state media is talking about a low blow or even a cause for war. Governor Anton Alikhanov immediately appeared on television to denounce the decision of the Vilnius government and call it illegal. These are steps that could have far-reaching effects, he said, indicating how the signatories of the 2004 agreement on Lithuania’s accession to the European Union committed themselves to adopting the principle of free transit of goods, including energy, between the Kaliningrad region and the rest of the Russian territory. Konstantin Kosachev, Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation, the upper house of parliament, a figure of some weight on foreign policy issues, took to the field yesterday. As a member state of the European Union, He wrote on his Telegram channel that Lithuania is violating a series of legally binding international measures Citing the prohibition of interference between the parties in their transport networks. Russian indignation tends to forget the root cause of certain decisions. The fear generated by the invasion of Ukraine led to epidemics that seemed latent. Embers did not stop burning between Lithuania and Russia, as Moscow never hid any secret of its bad intolerance of the existence of the small Baltic state, the first in that region to liberate itself from the Soviet Union after the fall of the Berlin Wall. In recent months, Russian television has been hosting constant calls to create a corridor between Kaliningrad and the rest of the country. It would not be possible, except in a small detail, with a military attack. Since February 24, the squares and streets dedicated to the dead of January 1991 in Lithuania have doubled, when Soviet forces attacked government buildings in Vilnius to disrupt the country’s ongoing independence process.

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Anyway, no fear. Diplomacy is making great strides. In his usual wake-up call, Dmitry Medvedev wonders if the EU will still exist when Ukraine’s accession process is over. Maybe the EU is gone by then… Meanwhile, Foreign Minister Serge Lavrov, who was considered by much of the international community to be a good person to deal with He said, perhaps referring to the Lithuanian case, that The United States is working to silence Russia In international cases, forcing them to obey the laws they invented, but they will fail. Looking at the buildings, one wonders what could happen in the Kaliningrad ghetto.

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