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Midfielder Mattia Rolando Eugio will now play for Foggia

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Canaves Bridge – In the final stages of the national football market at professional level, news also related to our territories. The protagonist is Mattia Rolando Eugeo, born in 1992, a famous attacking midfielder who will take charge of Calcio Foggia 1920 in the second part of the 2023-2024 season.

The midfielder from Ponte, who started the current season in Group A of the national third division and plays for Renate, a mid-table Lombardy team, has now been signed in the professional transfer window by the historic Puglia side. It is coached by Mirko Codini, who travels in Group C not far from the playing area.

A club of certain importance, with a great desire to start again, and which saw in the player from Canavese an excellent reinforcement to return to the top. Indeed, it is an asset of quality and experience that Mattia, who has made over 400 appearances and scored a total of 71 goals, could be the perfect piece in the Rossoneri's board to return to fill the positions that belong to the Foggia players.

In recent years, Rolando Uggio has managed to gain recognition in various venues with a prominent name and history, such as those of Pro Vercelli, Arezzo and Monopoly, where he has proven his ability to carve out a space for himself even in the hearts of the fans. Fans, also confirming the qualities that brought Mattia, for a time, to the world of “professionals”.

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