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Women’s hockey line, CV Skating asks for help from the city to participate in the Champions Cup

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CIVITAVECCHIA – Request help for the city. That’s what you do there skateboarding resumes, Local hockey and figure skating club, to the institutions and community of Civitavecchia.

Last year, in fact, the team of President Valentini won the first historic tournament in Women’s line hockey league As an Italian champion, he was awarded the right to participate in the Women’s Champions Cup To be held in Tris cantos (near Madrid) from 4 to 7 May 2023.

To participate, however, you need about 7,500 euros – Chief Valentini explains – a number currently largely out of our reach, especially because cvs ski lockers have been so tested by an expensive bill that has consumed our already meager savings. Only a few months ago we were proudly received into the Bauchi Hall to be rewarded with the presence of the entire Municipal Council, and received greetings from the representatives of the majority and the opposition for the triumph of the tricolor. And everyone thanked us, because hearing about the city next door is always a source of pride. Now, however, we are the ones who must ask for help: if help does not arrive from local institutions or companies, it is practically impossible for us to be able to participate. It is an important match, which must be dealt with on the fly, to better defend the right of the club and the girls to represent Italy as reigning champions. These are costs that we cannot afford at the moment: we have already warned the German mayor and the sports delegate about this by e-mail but time is running out: by April 5th we will have to officially report our registration or waiver. Let’s hope we can do it.”

(In the photo, the team was present last year in Ris Orangis (Paris), when Sniperine CRT participated in the 2022 Champions Cup as a hunter (tournament and final of the Italian Cup).

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