March 26, 2023

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Imperia Calcio, Polisina bomber explodes with a triple but is not satisfied: “I’m not in good shape yet” (Video) –

Explodes Antonio Polisina And Imperia finds a new weapon in its arsenal. In fact, he admits: I’m not in the best condition yet.In short, words and goals that give hope to the sons of Nirwazuru. By head, head, or stealing after dribbling, I “thrown” it in every way: ” My specialty is getting ready in the penalty area and scoring goals. This is my strong point.
He found himself superbly with Campelli who gave him his first two goals.

Off the field, the feeling is found with “Beppe” Giglio: the two are friends and the leader doesn’t even let him go in interviews, like today. He tried to make him laugh, but Policina remained unfazed.

I got to the microphones Lazaro CerniciaroAccording to Lupo, on behalf of the technician. Satisfied with the players’ performance, however, he noted some errors in today’s performance: “The 2-1 penalty stems from a hasty postponement of Sillawhich, to tell the truth, was induced by Lupo; Plus the imperfect guide to defense.
The only small ‘grumble’ came from Melandri, who seemed annoyed by the early substitution that arrived in the 53rd minute. Then Djebar, five laps of the clock, went into the net.

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