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Hockey: The weekend is not for HF Lorenzoni

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Almanac made available for a double trip to Turin at the renovated facility on Corso Tazzoli. Cus’ first official match on the new artificial stadium to host Lorenzoni Under 21s.

The match immediately turned out to be as demanding as he had imagined: the Ludmila Vihanyailo girls are among the favorites in this tournament, while the Bra athletes in this category faced above all else to make a very young group maturing quickly. The score 7-0 is very intense but, after being unable to take advantage of the many chances, 11 short corner kicks in favor of the coaches, they tell Berrino and Roiatti how much work remains to be done.

Sunday’s match, on the other hand, was the highest-scoring game from a short corner kick for both top Piedmontese teams competing in the restricted and hard-fought Elite Championship.

Cus got off to a better start, with a much stronger formation thanks to the arrival of eight Italian-Argentinian players. After a short corner kick, young Italian Di Bella was able to volley into the net, surprising Alina Fadeeva. However, in the second quarter, the Braids pressed on and beat three short corners: with this accurate shot from Sara Agró they grabbed the equalizer and doubled for the Braids’ Carla Servadio who was able to quickly rebound off the goalkeeper. A few minutes before the black turquoise and before half time Cus grabbed the equaliser. Everything had to be redone: on the third break, Giulietta Galli scored a new goal on a corner for Cus and he repeated it with a photocopy that the curls could not defend.

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At 4 to 2, we saw the Chiefs’ girls force Calonico who shortened an excellent corner kick that Carla Servadio deflected in again. It was a blessing moment for Brazil’s athletes, but the red light imposed on a very nervous Sabrina Raimo extinguished all hopes for Braida.

The next game is on Sunday at home against the Romans at the Butterfly in Rome. Ransom awaits.

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