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Women’s Football Evening

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The second date on Thursday evening in the Demetrio Stratos Hall of Radio Popolare is dedicated to women’s football. We will talk about it starting with three books that deal in different ways with this topic.

Mr. Joe’s Girls (Mondadori, 2022), by Joanna Borilla and Stefania Carini, is a boys’ book that chronicles Mr. Joe’s (one of the author’s) experience as a coach for a multi-ethnic girls’ soccer team. The neighborhood of Milan and how, thanks to football, he learned to get rid of prejudices …

“Veiled. Hijab, Sports and Self-Determination” (Cabovolt, 2022) by Georgia Bernardini, is a book through the stories of Ramla Ali, Khalida Popal, Asma Elbadawi and Hasna Bouyig, four athletes from various competitive activities (basketball, boxing, football and rugby), guiding us through the revolutions who participated in the international sports world where more and more Muslim athletes are fighting for self-determination and not having to choose between hijab and competitive practice.

“Giovenet, the footballers who defied the Duce” (Solferino, 2020), by Federica Cinegini (with article by Marco Gianni). She tells about her friends who in the early thirties gave birth to the Milan women’s soccer group, the first women’s soccer team in Italy. A compelling glimpse into our past, which is also a precious reflection on the grievances that are dangerously still alive in our present.

Joanna Borella and some of the girls from her team, Stefania Carini, Georgia Bernardini and Marco Gianni will be present in the hall. Claudio Agostoni driving.

To participate on the evening of Thursday, September 22, it is necessary to make a reservation by sending an email to [email protected] or by calling, Monday to Friday, 02 39241409 between 8.00 and 18.00.

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