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Women’s five-a-side football, Coppa Italia 2022 in Falconara. video

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Coach Neri is recovering Dibias Between the poles, but you must give up the star fifty, not qualified. Ready, and the first moments are already appropriate: A pass of 38 inches only and opened by Rafa Pato Dalmaz With a close right, it’s unstoppable for Margaretto. Unlike the previous two matches, and taking into account the mistakes made, Falconara starts with a more aggressive stance. And the effects are not long: Minute 8, Janice guesses the angle. Marche women will also have the opportunity to go to the locker room of the three most but super women Margaretto cancels Dalmaz penalty. And blam He also puts the rest, putting the ball on the net which puts Taranto back on the run.

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Sliding door effect: from Possible 3-0 at 2-2 that draw Amanda with lube. Six minutes have passed since the start of the second half, and another match begins. Made from individuality rather than team play, from tears and replays rather than building. and the moment of chaos And it is a precursor to only one effect: to solve the question, a bet is needed. the game. Who decides a game or awards a trophy. 14th minute Marta Fired at the net she was able to control and kick with power and precision. What follows is the paranormal. Like a Margaretto parade, out of pure absolute instinct. But the next time, Rosoblu’s goalkeeper manages to put in a better performance. A double miracle, illegal, deserves me additional.

And here the story, with sanctions approaching, takes another turn. Last 15 inches of second overtime: Rinatinha starts the counterattack, it’s 2vs1 but Rosoblu’s star instead of passing it decides to kick. Dibiase, the other number 1, intercepts and in turn begins the counterattack. who – which Transformation of Rafaela Pato Dalmazwith deviation 7” of siren sound. The seven that goes back: yesterday 7 cents to beat Lazio, today 7 seconds. Futsal, what a story. Actually, what are the stories.

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