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Amateur hockey is preparing to embrace Compaño again

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The Venetian striker is the Giallorossi’s big transfer target for next season

He will remain an amateur in the name of continuity. With only one new addition, but a brilliant coup that could move many and could anger Lodi fans. While Tressino and Forte dei Marmi are preparing for the final of the championship (the first match is scheduled for tomorrow evening at the “Pala Dante”), the season is now over for all the other teams and therefore, as always happens in this period, the team that holds the court is the market between the arrival of the first official reports and the rumors that I became more persistent. And in Lodi there is one in particular that is becoming increasingly popular. Chico Compaño returns to the Giallorossi. What until a few months ago had been an impossible dream, from a certain moment onwards, that is, from the day of the news of at least the partial disengagement of the Bendei pastor in Forte dei Marmi, and thus in fact from the end of the much-vaunted “happiness project” Rossoblu began to It becomes first a possible dream and then a tangible goal, until it turns into the exciting ‘coup’ that Lodi seems to have achieved.

Obviously nothing is official yet, because the player is about to play the final of the tournament with Forte and until that is completed, the mouths of all those directly involved (including the Lodi managers) will remain shut. But all the clues gathered now lead to the exciting return to the Giallorossi of the Vicenza champion born in 1999, already a great champion and fan favorite of Amatori from 2017 to 2021 and with whom he won two championships, a Coppa Italia and a Super Cup. , exploded at a very young age and then established himself as one of the strongest Italian talents in the region, before traveling to Spain for two seasons in Reus and returning to Italy last summer in Forte dei Marmi where a month ago he won the Italian Cup and were both decisive in the semi-final against Amatori and both In the final against Follonica.

Compagno will therefore take the place vacated by Andrea Fantozzi, who after two seasons has decided and already announced to leave Lodi (he will move to Tresino), becoming the real icing on the Giallorossi’s cake, a champion who, due to his specific weight, has quality, mentality and experience at certain levels despite being 25 years old. Only, it will greatly strengthen Gigio Bresciani’s team. A team that will remain the same, continuing a project and a group of teams that started two seasons ago, and which have always remained the same, playing two excellent years and maintaining amateurism at the highest national and international levels.

Even in this case, official announcements are still missing, but Amatori 24/25 will start again with Captain Grimalt, ready for his seventh season in Lodi, and with other foreigners Felipe Fernandez and Pablo Najera who, despite numerous requests received from Italy and abroad will not Moving from Lodi. In addition to Alessandro Fassin, the top scorer for the Giallorossi last season, and Marmini players Morgan Antonioni and Lorenzo Giovanetti, Davide Nadini and Liam Posito. Along with 16-year-old Giovanni Monticelli from Lodi, he should find more and more space, having scored his first two Serie A goals of the year at Valdagno on the final day of the regular season. Waiting for Chico, the great “coup” that has already made the Giallorossi fans dream.

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