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Without the winners going to the Korean script? –

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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson offered to train 10,000 Ukrainians every four months

The Korean scenario in Europe. With the duelists forced to stop because the weight of the struggle becomes unbearable, but without burying the axe. The– Ukraine can not lead to a real armistice, but to a suspended war. As happened in 1953 between the two Koreas, it was halted by an armistice that did not formally end hostilities. Observers have previously warned of this model and it is now reverting to an operational direction with slow developments in the midst of violent clashes. Kyiv bravely stuck to the initial payment, lost parts of its territory, and it is difficult to determine whether it could be liberated. He hopes so, but at the same time he does not hide the difficulties of returning to the original. Moscow has given up part of its ambitions, and gone on the offensive, and it is not clear how many resources it will still have. Bear reiterated that the hostile state will never be what it was, and made it clear that it will achieve its goals, albeit with delay. The common point is that many fall, and there is no point in speculating about their true number. Also because the sources in this regard are often contradictory. The last example is on Saturday with one of Zelensky’s advisers berating a colleague who spoke of thousands of dead and wounded every day.


Unconfirmed (hidden) budgets accompanied by other data. We lost – as General Volodymyr Karpenko, head of Ukrainian logistics – said about 1,300 armored vehicles, 400 tanks and 700 artillery pieces. Rifles such as the M777s given by NATO often take damage, and have to be transported to the rear and repaired. At a rate of two per battery. Spare parts are needed, and trucks have to travel long distances. The famous HIMARS can be reloaded in 5 minutes, but the bullets for next shots are on board large support vehicles. You need a lot of them, they weigh tons. And they risk being hit by an enemy who muster up what he has in store, old or new. In fact, the new Tsar continued to send out tanks, armored vehicles and rocket launchers using the railways at full capacity. Materials from the most remote areas. Like firewood in a war furnace.

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Firepower allowed him to dominate the villages and hills, because he always lacked men. And how long will the clash continue? This leads us to think about the future of a situation similar to the situation in Korea. The guns are silent, the limbs seem menacing, the tension is high and the arsenals are expanding. This has been demonstrated by the Kim regime, which is resistant to sanctions, even targeting atomic bombs, and repeatedly testing missiles. North, in view of what was seen in the Donbass, will feel comfortable investing in the creation of an impressive artillery device. The battles revealed massive consumption of ammunition, and it was believed – as indicated by the British Rossi Institute – that the use of so-called smart bombs reduced the use of ordinary (less accurate) bombs and instead was not. Greedy war for lives, materials and bombs. If decisive victories are not achieved at the front, the leaders will have to find alternatives. Defenders will have another problem: keeping NATO support at a high level. In the past few days, they have taken out insurance in various formats. The United States launched another package, and other countries promised large supplies. British Prime Minister Johnson has offered a program that would allow 10,000 Ukrainians to be trained every 120 days, to warn of the danger of increasing burnout in the western domain. As former US ambassador Ivo Daalder told Washington, there are two paths: a bloody, long-term fait accompli or ending or reducing support. The second option, in his opinion, means feeding the Ukrainians to the wolves.

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