December 11, 2023

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A two-year-old boy died instantly

A two-year-old boy died instantly

An unimaginable tragedy, in a moment of carefree and cheerful childhood and only the first discoveries in the world can give. a Baby He is only two years old Die Immediately after a collision while playing with another older child.

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the tragedy

It happened in Abarán (Murcia), Spain. In fact, late yesterday afternoon, some children were playing and running in a small yard, when the two of them collided. An older, bald child, in shock, hit the youngest, only two years old, who fell backwards and hit his head on the ground. . report.


Rescuers then arrived at the site with an ambulance, but could not confirm the death of the child, who practically died on the spot. The Civil Guard is now investigating the case: a reconstruction of the facts seems obvious, but the outcome of the autopsy is expected to ignore any other possible hypothesis and close a tragic and devastating case once and for all.

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