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Withdrawal is prohibited in this case

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Beware of this unexpected surprise for Postepay: it is not possible to withdraw money in all places. Here are some examples

Postamat (Photo: YouTube)

In general, this is what the site reports Italian Post Dedicated to PostePay prepaid cards, you can use paper Rechargeable for ATM withdrawals postamat, who are they Banks And at post offices both in Italy and abroad. Thus, PostePay prepaid cards are equivalent to debit cards for BancoPosta accounts.

But according to a circular published a few years ago, there are indeed some Places Where this is not possible use Your Postepay for withdrawal. It is not possible, in these same places, to use cards of debts BancoPosta. Below is a list of places where you will necessarily have to find alternative payment systems for withdrawals and the reason for this limitation.

Postpaid card, anti-money laundering limits

Postepay (Photo: Adobe)

As reported by Poste Italiane, i geographical boundaries Charged for the use of debit cards BancoPosta And all Postepay cards to withdraw cash that have become necessary for it Counter and preventing money laundering and the financing of terrorist activities around the world.

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Let’s make it clear right away that limits are imposed only in some villages From the world where it is easier for their organizations dedicated to terrorism. If you are in one of these countries, you will have to find other ways to withdraw, for example by going to a bank branch. The villages Affected by restrictions are the following:

  • Congo
  • Pakistan
  • Nigeria
  • Uganda
  • Iraq
  • Lao People’s Democratic Republic
  • Afghanistan
  • Guyana
  • Vanuatu
  • Boys
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The limits remain in force to this day, and to remove them it will be necessary to wait for a new circular. However, remember that I Withdrawals However, with a PostePay card this is not possible Everywhere But they are located in bank ATMs that show the VISA logo or Visa Electron, Given that this is the department on which Poste Italiane banking services depends.

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