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With Virtus Verona it will be a real test for Vicenza

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Friday 19 Opponents in Minti will be Frisco men

The start of the tournament is slowly approaching and Lynn continues to prepare, with the transfer market continuing to hold. The news is expected both in the entry (goalkeeper and defender at least) and in the exit (ProyaAnd the Prosecco Maybe a goalkeeper.

After mid-August, red and white will start preparing for a championship match. Friday 19, in Menti, on Vicenza You will actually challenge Virtus Verona (the same group), the match that will present the prestigious trophy in memory of Alfonso SantagiulianaAn unforgettable centomedi with a red and white heart. The memorial, now in its seventeenth edition, will be one more reason to do a good job, and thus a kind of real test for the team. Baldinywhich against mantova Not completely convinced.

But we always talk about football in August. The catch is that Lynn goes to a thousand as of Sept 4.

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