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Pusteria largely won, and Bolzano’s well. Asiago go ko – OA Sport

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The ICE Hockey League, on Sunday evening, gives credits from two wins and one defeat to Italian teams participating in the 2022-2023 regular season hockey competition. Let’s see how it goes in detail.

After changing the technical guide, Val Pusteria finds herself trimming down to 0-7 at HK SZ Olimpija, In the match held in Slovenia. Parents (Double), Archambault, Roy, Christensen, Lochuk and Anderjasen are the targets that allowed the “wolves” to establish themselves in the house.

A tighter emphasis, but still very important, for Bolzano: 4-3 in EC KAC. Volpi ran away in the match, making it to Thomas 4-1, with Mitch Holts scoring and assisting.then contained the return of opponents who, with Liceo’s goal, reached a goal away from the Bolzano players, but failed to rebalance matters.

Finally Asiago. The Venetians lose at home after losing 2-3 to Graz 99. The Austrians unleashed at first, reaching 0-3 thanks to goals from Krenz, Fever and Alajic, then Asiago back thanks to Vinoro and Salinistri, but it is not enough. 2-3 ends.

Back on track next Wednesday, October 26th.

Photo: Iwan Foba

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