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“The lost Oscar? Education to defeat »- Corriere.it

“The lost Oscar? Education to defeat »- Corriere.it
to Andrea LaFranci

docu released on amazon prime: a career and what life would have been like if he didn’t win sanremo

Even the Buzzini loses. In her career, Laura has won 1 Grammy, 4 Latin Grammys, 1 Golden Globe and dozens of other awards. She lost the Oscar, which she tasted last year with the “I do / I saw” nomination. A hole in the bulletin board that, however, did not open another in the pop star’s feelings. “The victory would have sent me into a crisis because then there was nothing – she says -. We are not educated to defeat. I wanted to teach my daughter Paula, who is very attached to the subject of likes, a lesson: I went and came back the same way from the Golden Globes I won and the Oscars which I lost.”

From Sanremo 1993 to the Lost Oscar

The story of that evening, the reaction on the phone with the family (“Santa was sick”), the night’s burger in a limousine with his partner Paolo, is one of the central moments in glad to meet you, docu-film on Prime Video, as of April 7 in 240 countries. The story revolves around Laura’s main sliding door: Sanremo Giovanni 1993, “The Loneliness”, her smile between emotion and embarrassment, Budo fixes her corner. Still touched: “I know, I look like Heidi but that’s how it is.” Archival photos and memories of the first person accompany us throughout the journey of the only Italian export. “I’ve wondered many times what would have happened if I hadn’t won the festival.” The answer is in the fictional part. There Laura plays her not-so-popular self, a girl from Solarolo who experimented with Sanremo, but things didn’t go well and she is now a single mother who has a pottery shop that serves as a piano bar in the evenings. “Feeling satisfied does not depend on rewards, success, and financial results… At the end of your life, when you ask yourself if you are happy, there is no audience to evaluate you. I would have done it even if I had made ceramics, or had studied for it, or architect as I imagined. Those were plans, too. Single and has a son. “I wanted a self-aware woman. Director Ivan Cutronio was thinking of a divorcee, but if I stayed in Solarolo I would never have done so because of the circumstances of society. Marcelo is the son that my parents lost before my sister and I arrived: if I were a boy I would shoot myself.”

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Eurovision and locked disc

The profession continues. Not with cinema: «I have said no to some proposals previously, including Zeffirelli, but I am not an actress. I dreamed that I do myself, like this. The only thing I did as an actress was force Romagna z a bit, if I had stayed at Solarolo, I would have spoken that way. I prefer doing music for my career.” The next step is the Eurovision Song Contest. «It is said that there is no good atmosphere between me and Cattelan … I understand the gossip, but I accepted because he and Mica are there. I said no to some talent abroad because I didn’t like the actors.” In the docu, you can see that she plans to set a record for October 2021: no trace of it has been lost. “I don’t find songs that give me the courage to take to the stage. For the album, I start from an idea, a word, a picture: I haven’t found it yet ».


The family is the center of gravity. The original, where her father played with her in piano bars, and the other built with Paolo Carta, the musician and father of his daughter. They never married. “Paulo asked me 10 years ago. When we found out I was pregnant, we decided to wait until Paula was older. We wanted to do it last year, but Covid arrived … but after all, after 17 years, this is just a gesture.”

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