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Wind turbines are like sixteen solar panels, here’s how to optimize your rooftop space

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Designed to be easy to install on any flat roof, compact in size, blade-free and plentiful in terms of power output, newly born Aeromine technologies can To give new impetus to the wind sector, allowing turbines to be installed in apartment buildings, shopping malls and offices, which are currently cut off from this green energy source.

During private siteThe company explained how Aeromine and its wind power units operate, as well as releasing a video; Thanks to their special design, they can capture and amplify the air flows around the building, Even if the wind speed is less than 8 km/has do the ailerons of racing cars.

Unlike classical turbines, it is immobile and They occupy 1/10 of the space needed by the PV system and can produce up to 50% more electricity; Moreover, depending on the start-up, they can generate power 24 hours a day and in any weather conditions.

Flight systems consist of 20-40 units installed on the edge of a building facing the prevailing wind direction and perfectly interacting with the electrical system already in the building; According to the company, wind units can Appropriately integrate the production of energy obtained from the sun, saving 100% of the energy needs of the site and making the storage system unnecessary.

Joint research between Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque and Texas Tech University has demonstrated the efficiency of the project and production system developed by Aeromine Technologies, which supplied some units to BASF, one of the world’s largest chemical companies, was tested at BASF’s manufacturing facility in Wyandotte, Michigan.

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