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Will the next console be the Switch 2, the Pro model, or something in between? –

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Sentence “Nintendo Switch It’s still in the middle of its life cycle” which President Shuntaro Furukawa has reiterated over the years has become a bit of a meme among our readers, but laughter and joking last March 3, the console just turned 6. It’s a big age for mobile devices and in fact, it’s been fantasizing for quite some time. now potential successor or a “Pro” model With improved hardware.

On the one hand, we have Nintendo’s toughest choice, which is to launch a A completely different console From the current version, which may also be the most dangerous since Kyoto would mean severing ties with the Switch and starting almost from scratch. “Almost,” because we know the next console will continue to use Nintendo Switch Online and backwards compatibility with Switch games can’t be ruled out, even if it could be a formidable path due to the specific architecture of Nvidia’s Tegra X1 chip, as explained by veteran developer Dimitris. Giannakis.

On the other hand, we have more conservative options, but they nonetheless contain risks. A is represented by a Nintendo Switch 2, or an all-round successor to the current console with more powerful hardware and perhaps a way or more of gimmicks that make it different enough from its predecessor. However, Nintendo has shown on more than one occasion that they struggle with similar processes. You will surely remember the Wii U flop, but even the 3DS and SNES sold less than the DS and NES.

Nintendo Switch family of consoles

Then there is the option Switch Pro, a model with more efficient hardware that could help Nintendo extend the life cycle of the platform as with OLED. However, one wonders if it is not too late for a similar review, as we have already discussed in the previous Let’s Talk About It.

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Finally, there is a hypothesis that the well-known journalist and insider Jeff Grubb launched a few days ago, or the hypothesis of a cross between a Pro model and a brand new console. Kind of “super switch”, as he called it, which would offer not only better hardware but also other unique features, without really representing a generational leap. An interesting choice too, because Nintendo has already taken a similar path with the Game Boy Color which, in addition to color games, also offered better hardware than the regular Game Boy. Both consoles have been on the market for several years, with a portion of the games later published for use on both, and others only on the color variant. By choosing a similar solution, Nintendo could kill two birds with one stone: launch a console on the market that is really attractive even to those who already own a Switch and at the same time extend the life of this ecosystem of consoles.

Now we leave the word to you in the comments below. In your opinion, what direction will Nintendo take in the future and which direction would you like to go instead?

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