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Will snow and record snow in the US also reach Europe and Italy? »

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Snow and frost in Europe too?In the intervening few days Canada And United States of America Record storms of snow and ice have hit as we battle a mild and unusual African anticyclone.
Freezing air descending from the North Pole, falling in latitude, significantly disrupts weather and climate conditions in Canada, and subsequently disrupts much of the United States. Temperatures in such states plummeted within hours Montana, Wyoming, Dakota, Nebraska, Minnesota And IowaA few degrees will go from positive values ​​to -25/-30 degrees Celsius with wind and snow storms.
But will the polar cold that hit North America reach Europe and Italy?

Some recent studies highlight how some events (even extreme ones) occurring in North America can occur in Europe or Eurasia within weeks. To better understand the reasons, we must shift our gaze to high polar latitudes and analyze its behavior polar vortex: In technical terms we are talking about the SPLIT (division / breaking) of the vortex. Imagine that Sandwich or A Hamburger Which is crushed and material escapes (in this case the very cold polar currents): these air masses, after exiting, split (split) almost randomly towards southern latitudes. One side (America) or the other (Eurasia). In this case, North America was affected, but the same thing, according to this theory, could also happen in Europe or Eurasia, perhaps delayed by a few weeks.

But will that great cold come to Italy then? The above theory, although sometimes verified, has not always been proven to be actually valid There is no certainty. And, even if it did at this time, it is not certain that the cold would reach as far as the Mediterranean basin, and thus Italy.

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Currently, in Europe, we are experiencing truly extraordinary climate conditions, even 5/10 degrees Celsius above normal. According to all theories Global warming This in turn occurs due to the increase in CO2 Human activities (CO2 emissions into the atmosphere mainly due to the burning of fossil fuels); In fact, we record a steady increase in average temperature every season.
What is happening in North America to refute this thesis? The answer is no. First, let’s say that one weather event cannot be linked to current climate change. Second, a reflection emerges that is by no means trivial: There is global warming, But these kinds of phenomena seem to prove that things don’t work the same across the planet.

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