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Will Smith and Jada Pinkett appear in public for the first time since the slap in the face at the Academy Awards

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The couple was seen leaving a restaurant in Malibu, California, and they showed themselves smiling and calm.

Smith wore one

blue polo shirt

and two of

stylish pants

in the necklace. On her feet are white sneakers, and on her head is a dark blue hat to protect her eyes from the sun’s rays. All in black, on the other hand, Pinkett who opted for the shirt and pants, with a checkered maxi shirt tied at the waist.

Just a few days ago, Chris Rock came back to talk about what happened on the night of the Oscars. Whoever said these words hurt – and only – never took them

punch in the face

Faced with these words, Smith said to himself, again,

very repentant

“Identification of his ‘unacceptable’ behaviour.” By posting a video on social media, the actor also apologized to the Rock family and all those affected by his gesture.

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