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Will Microsoft release a streaming device within a year? –

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Rumors abound about the possibility of this Microsoft intends to throw Xbox Especially specialized in flow Through the Xbox Cloud with more details, such as the fact that the launch has already taken place within a year.

Following what was reported by Tom Warren in recent days, who said he is sure of the upcoming arrival of some kind of dongle for TV capable of accessing the Xbox Cloud Without using the console o PC, VentureBeat’s Jeff Grubb also confirms it, adding that this device is expected to be launched in 12 months from now.

Xbox Game Pass and Cloud

As reported, it will be a similar solution to the Amazon Fire Stick or Roku Puck, the latter also consistent with what Warren previously mentioned.

So it appears that the different certificates are converging on a very small device, which could be in the form of a disk, as reported. According to Grubb, in addition to letting you play titles from the Xbox Game Pass catalog via Xbox Cloud, the new device will also let you see Movies and TV seriespossibly through specific applications and an integrated operating system.

The same article also confirms other information released by Warren, which is the next access to ‘TV app It is intended for Xbox Game Pass and works via Xbox Cloud, similar to that seen for Google Stadia on LG TVs. In the case of Xbox, the article is talking specifically about Samsung Smart TVs, but it is likely that support will be expanded through other agreements, provided that it is on a basis.

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