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Will Italian football be great again?

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Will Italian football ever return to the size many of us have always wanted? It is not an entirely normal fact that fourteen years pass between one Champions League and another for victory, also because we are talking about very important competitions. So far, it seems that the reason a team matters is because that same team is high up in the standings. To take a simple example, just take a look at Napoli, Inter and Milan. But relying solely on their position without going over it is very superficial. They are not the only ones who are tall, and behind them we find many others. the Manchester city Yesterday he allowed Leipzig to collect seven goals and this is what great football means. The fact is that in Italy, except for Napoli, no one has a great defense and so many gaps in attack.

You must learn Italian football from the greats

Italian football does not seem to be able to reach the levels of many other European competitions. A fact that should almost be taken for granted but in Serie A it looks very complicated. Yes, we have a lot of credentials to be strong, but from now on until winning the Champions League or even considering an all-Italian final seems a long way off. After the result in Porto, Inter were very Italian because they put themselves in it. He defended, fought, suffered, and finally achieved a respectable finish. For Europe to be influenced by our country, it takes more, maybe a different training? Wider player market and better mentality? We don’t know the answer. What we do know is that we can return Italian football to the conquest of something much bigger. Just remember Roma led by Di Francesco who finished off Barcelona, ​​sometimes anything can happen.

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