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Will GTA 6 cost more than $2 billion? Not good news – Nerd4.life

Will GTA 6 cost more than $2 billion?  Not good news – Nerd4.life

GTA 6 It will definitely be a particular game from a production standpoint. It is a sequel to one of the best-selling games of all time, and together with GTA Online, one of the most successful live services on the market today. When it comes out, it’s going to be a caviar and champagne event, which will get the attention of raucous audiences, so it’s only natural that a publisher like Take-Two would invest huge sums in it, trying to make it flawless. After all, it has pharaonic collection prospects. So said the fact that one game can reach It costs two billion dollarsAs suggested by the Rockstar Games hacker, it can be detrimental to the entire industry and to the perception of many players of video games themselves, which is already massively distorted.

The main problem is that the new Rockstar Games will probably dictate Basic Which would be simply unattainable, because it is not so much related to the capacity of the developers, but above all to the price paid for the best technology, the most expensive of them. The danger is that from GTA 6 there is no turning back and the expectations of the audience will change to the point of becoming more unrealistic than they already are.

Will GTA 6 raise the bar and further anger the audience?

To realize this, just take a look at how Saints Row has been received lately. The problem isn’t that it’s not likeable (legitimate), but rather that many have talked about it as a mini production, not Triple A. However, the fact that for balance you must sell two million copies, which must be added to the money spent on the PC exclusively on the Epic Games Store, should indicate how much it costs to produce it. What double production can bear such risks? Despite this, the welcome was reserved for the budget product, because many could not get acquainted with certain production values, even if they were present.

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It does not mean that production values ​​determine the quality of the game. However, they are significant in terms of the way a large segment of gamers view video games themselves, so much so that, to give another example, there are still those who haven’t quite grasped the graphic side of Elden Ring, despite the awards, sales, and public recognition. To some, it feels like a wound that doesn’t want to heal, a kind of personal abuse. Unfortunately, the fear is that producing two billion dollars will only exacerbate the situation, which is unnecessary.