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Will Avengers Secret Wars be with the X-Men? Hugh Jackman responds to the presence of Wolverine!

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Following Fox’s purchase by Disney for $71 billion, the X-Men can finally make their debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But a full merger of the two universes is not yet on the table, despite Professor X and the arrival of Wolverine. But it will be Avengers: Secret Wars? What does this tell us?

That tells us, if that proves true, it could be the MCU’s biggest ensemble yet game overto finally merge the entire panorama mutants in the Marvel Studios cinematic universe. Basically, it is expected After stage 6 And the two new Avengers, so much of this universe is dedicated to them. And what better stage than an unprecedented event like Secret Wars?

It is clear that a The final first appearance of the X-Men In the MCU, he’s likely related to Wolverine leading the way. The movie he’s in is also automatically the best fit for this merger. We know he will appear in Deadpool 3 Obviously, but the movie with Ryan Reynolds It will be all for his return: It’s unlikely that Wolverine will bring more X-Men with him. different talk about Avengers: Secret Wars.

In a new interview with Empire vs The question of whether we will be able to see Secret WarsActor Hugh Jackman gave a half-answer, as was his custom. without denying But without running too far:I imagine each movie as something separateThat’s how I see it. I’m lucky I don’t have to think beyond this point, but I think it’s the best way to goHowever, the fact that Jackman does not answer a dry “no” or admit that he has no idea – as he has always done in other situations, and then it would be difficult to understand why he did not answer like that in this case as well – could give us hope.

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Meanwhile, here are all the The heroes we would like to find in Secret Wars.

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