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Harry Potter: Choosing the series will be a real challenge

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When HBO Max was renamed “Max,” Warner Bros. Discovery has announced plans for a reboot Harry Potter In the form of a TV series for the streamer. Max is said to have a 10-year plan for the Wizarding World series, and new actors are now being sought to take on the titular roles for what has been described as an “authentic” retelling of the beloved novel series. JK Rowling.

These films are considered classics by many Wizarding World fans, but more than two decades have passed since then Philosopher's Stone It was released in theaters and has been around for nearly a decade and a half since The Deathly Hallows – Part Two She finished the story.

Now seems like a good time for a reboot, especially after the movies Wonderful animals They struggled to attract the same large audience as the main Harry Potter series. With Max slowly focusing on a potential creative team, news is still a ways away. However, finding this collection will not be easy for those who will be tackling the small screen adaptation of the seven-novel saga.

Not only will the streamer have to recast all of these popular adult roles (we feel so sorry for anyone who has to follow in the deceased's footsteps) Alan Rickman Like Severus Snape), but she'll have to find kids who can play their characters for about a decade. talking with diverse (Via Warner Bros. CEO Channing Dungey They talked about the biggest challenges they faced in choosing the director for this new version of Harry Potter.

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“We are in talks with several writers to see who will be the one to lead this franchise for us.” He said. He explains. “[Tutte le voci sul casting in corso sono imprecise.] The first step for us is to figure out who that model is going to be, and once we get that clear, we can start having those conversations [sul casting]. The hard part is the first two books, where the kids are younger, about 11 or 12 years old.

When news emerged that a Harry Potter TV series was in the works, Casey Bloys, president and CEO of HBO and Max Content, confirmed that the budget for the show would be in line with… game of thrones And Dragon House (The first season of the latter cost $125 million), so we're talking about a commitment of more than $1 billion over 10 years.

We expect each book to cover an entire season, although the fact that the story will take place over the course of a decade means that the seasons will not have a regular annual release.

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