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Wicked Gives Chapter 1 US Release Date

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Wicked changes its big-screen debut date: In the US, the first part will arrive early.

It seems evil We’ll expect his first theatrical appearance, at least in the United States. The previously scheduled date for November 27, 2024 It has been replaced and Submitted by November 22, 2024It’s simply a week’s difference, which will allow the curious public to meet in advance. Elphaba And Glenda It is interpreted in this case by Cynthia Evero And Ariana GrandeBut why this change?

Wicked Release Date: Why?

There are months left until the theatrical premiere, but as you suggest, Character bookThe date originally chosen for Wicked’s theatrical release coincided with the date chosen by Disney to Oceania 2To avoid a direct clash, Wicked – Part 1 preferred to play ahead. The film is directed by John M. Chuinspired by the novel Gregory Maguire It is intended to be a kind of introduction to wizard of ozfocusing on the story of two friends who are destined to become enemies in the Kingdom of Oz. Both students at Shiz University, they end up forming a strong friendship that will increasingly disintegrate after an encounter with the Wizard of Oz.

It started out as a musical, and left its mark for years. BroadwayWicked is now heading to theaters with Cynthia Efiro and Ariana Grande leading a star-studded cast. In fact, it also involves Michelle Yeoh Who will be Madame Morribel? Jonathan Bailey Who will instead play the role of Fiyero e the magician? Ethan Slater Which will be a book. Jeff Goldblum He will have the task of playing the cunning magician. With so much material at his disposal, inspired by the novel and also by the Broadway show, the director has decided that Wicked will hit the big screen in two blocks: the first is expected in November 2024, while the second in November 2025.

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