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Matrix Resurrections: First Social Media Review | Cinema

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Resurrection Matrix It will arrive in Italy on January 1, but in some countries the expected film Lana Wachowski has been released: today, in fact, the blockbuster will debut in Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Russia, while tomorrow it will be released in Japan. The world premiere in San Francisco will take place two years ago in San Francisco, with the world premiere before the film is released in the United States and most international regions on December 22. The global ban on reviews will probably fall on Saturday (many American journalists have already seen it), but in the meantime there has been a timid reaction on social networks from a critic named Dimitri Krause.

To those who asked him why he violated the ban, Krause replied that he boarded a plane and went to Russia on purpose to watch the Matrix revival. This is his response:

Matrix Resurrections is a great way to purge your taste buds in an age of chronic nostalgia traps and sex movies: a very serious romance, featuring some of the most viral action sequences since Mad Max: Fury Road, empathic and critical in equal measure. crazy things.

He rocks precisely because Lana allows him to be honest, affectionate, and able to strike without hesitation, especially when you consider the regular non-personal movie we’re used to. One of the most empathetic mental health movies, I haven’t felt this way since Rob Zombie’s Halloween II.

I was crying for a good part of the last hour of the movie. The way Lana investigates her own experience through the lens of this universe is nothing but a witty and true cinematography of emotional catharsis.

In the meantime, we would like to point out the inspired fan art of Orlando Arrosina, which he shares Official accounts From the movie:

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To find out all the information about Matrix Resurrections, the movie written and directed by Lana Wachowski, all you have to do is visit Our profile for the movie.

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