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Wi-Fi calling, if you don’t use it, do it immediately: no charge, the network is always active and picks up everywhere even in an emergency – activate it like this

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How to make calls without a network –

Have you ever traveled or gone on vacation to faraway places and realized that you cannot make any phone calls due to no signal?

Although technological development is advancing at a rapid pace, in Italy, poor network coverage and defective phone signal still exist in many areas, from north to south, but fortunately, today there is a solution.

This possibility has existed in America since 2014 and is called voWiFi (or Voice over WLAN or WiFi Calling) and consists of a technology that allows you to make phone calls using a WiFi connection and no longer GSM broadband signal antennas. In Italy, the service took a long time to wait since it was only available since December 2022 and only for some phone companies.

WindTre and Tim were the first to officially announce the activation of this service, which, compared to abroad, has severe limitations due to bureaucratic difficulties related to security and regulations on wiretapping and privacy.

To use the connection, you must have a compatible smartphone and an Internet connection provided by the same company that was chosen for the price of your phone, so, for example, you can’t call from a WindTre-linked phone over Tim’s WiFi network.

How to activate WiFi calling or voWiFi

The way WiFi Calling works is very simple because it uses a network to send and receive packets through which voice information is transmitted. In Italy, this technology is based on “Trusted WLAN” since these packets of information are managed exclusively by a single telephone company.

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How to enable WiFi Calling – (Source: freepik)

Unfortunately, due to the recent release of the technology, there are still few compatible WindTre and TIM phones, but the companies have promised that they will soon release new models during 2023. If you have a compatible Android phone available, to activate the service, you will need to dial *#* # 869434 # * # * Then go to Settings – SIM cards and mobile networks – Make calls over Wi-Fi.

If you have an iPhone that supports this technology, you can make phone calls using a WiFi signal simply by enabling it from the settings. To do this, go to: Settings – Mobile – WiFi Calling and enable “WiFi Calling on iPhone”. Upon completion of this procedure, the smartphone will be ready to make calls at any time.

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