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Why was Terence Hill dubbing? The reason is incredible

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Why has Terrence Hill been voiced in the movies alongside Bud Spencer? The reason is incredible and few know: the truth is this.

The two main actors were dubbed into the very successful Spaghetti Western films not only in Italy, but also in America. The sound you hear in movies is not the original sound. Did you know this? Here is the reason for this choice.

Bud Spencer and Terence Hill in a movie scene

The big success about Terence Hill He arrived in the seventies. The spaghetti western genre nicknames are those that dedicated him as an actor with his friend Bud Spencermet a few years ago on the set of the leading movie God is forgiving; I have not!. The two earned David Di Donatello for lifetime achievement.

Worship They call me the Trinity… and its complement …keep calling him the Trinity They launch the couple towards international success. The films are also arriving in America, where the titles are translated fairly faithfully by case. there biggest curiosity Another thing about movies is here with us: in Italy The actors have been dubbed. However, both Terence and Budd were very Italian. Terence Hill (the pen name of Mario Girotti) was born in Venice; While Bud Spencer (real name Carlo Pedersoli) was from Naples.

Because Terence Hill has been voiced in films with Bud Spencer

Terence Hill
Terence Hill Today (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

The American name It was a move to make the actors more attractive in the international film market. Nicknames were better suited to this type of movie and we still talk about them today as Terence Hill and Bud Spencer. But let’s get back to the question dubbing. Why are Italian actors dubbed into Italian-language films?

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The actors have been dubbed into Italian to eliminate the local rhythm. That’s why the gun was terence Voiced by Beno Lucchi In the most famous Western films. Just a few examples: They call me the Trinity…And the …keep calling him the TrinityAnd the …otherwise we get angry!And the Turn the other cheekAnd the even and odd. The voice actors were different (Sergio Graziani was also important), but Pino Lucchi can be identified without a doubt the most famous.

It was Bud Spencer’s nickname, thus eliminating his Neapolitan accent Glauco Onorato Almost the entire career of the actor. To hear their real voices you have to wait for the series Don Mateo In 2000 for Terrence Hill and the 1978 film African Bigfoot For Bud Spencer.

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