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Why don’t presidents have a health bar? The authors’ answer –

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In an interesting interview published by the British magazine Edge to Studio MDHR, the authors of Cupheadwe also get official answer To a question everyone has probably asked themselves at least once: Why don’t presidents have a health bar?

In fact, anyone who’s played Studio MDHR’s masterpiece will find themselves struggling with a difficult interpretation of the level you’re fighting against a boss, given the lack of accurate indications of their energy and thus difficult to understand how. So many hits were scored and how many still had to collect the damned villain before going to KO.

Co-Manager and Team Founder Response Chad Muldenhauer To tell the truth it is understandable, that is, the choice is simply based on the desire to remain as faithful as possible to the idea of ​​organizing Real animation in the thirties.

Cuphead, a fight against a boss

In practice, the main health bar was useful and the developers had thought of implementing it, but it clashed with the general style of the game.

“None of our mockups satisfied us, given what we were trying to achieve: make Cuphead a real, playable animation from the 1930s,” Muldenhauer explained. ‘But also from the point of view the designwe felt that this inclusion would risk driving players into negative drift, causing them to optimize for optimal DPS [damage per second, ovvero danni al secondo] And it might cause you to lose some basic visual elements to be accommodated on screen, and look at the bar instead.”

So there is aMy style but also a practical requirement At the base of the option not to include this tape, which has been replaced by a very ingenious idea: the graphical representation summarizes the point at which players have arrived in game time in relation to the end of the battle, by the “race” of the characters which also refers to the various transformations the boss has gone through.

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In the meantime, Cuphead has expanded and we’ve evaluated it again in our Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course review, while the physical version has also been introduced which also includes great DLC.

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