September 25, 2023

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Sonic 2 The Film crosses $375 million in revenue, and the race continues –

Sonic 2 The Film crosses $375 million in revenue, and the race continues –

sonic 2 movie It continues to improve its performance confirming that it was a success, with the announcement of 375 million dollars Collected in store worldwide in just over a month, confirming the new movie’s record for Sega icon.

Sonic 2 The Film, improving the previously announced results, continues at the beginning of the month, when it has already surpassed the revenues of the first chapter in a shorter period of time.

Sonci 2 The Film: Part of the poster

In terms of regional earnings, the film has collected $181 million in the United States and $194 million in the rest of the world.

Moreover, these are the last days that Sonic 2 The Film will be available exclusively in cinemas, as it will soon reach the streaming within the video service. Paramount +As happened to its predecessor. It remains to be seen where and when it will also be distributed in Italy, at this point, since the service in question is not officially present in our parts.

According to projections, Sonic 2 The Movie will likely find itself closing the race to the cinema near it 400 million dollarsWaiting to see the next results and goals achieved by the blue hedgehog in a movie version. Meanwhile, his fame is also confirmed by the presence of the terrible Sonic in a pre-modified version inside the movie Cip & Dale: Special Agents.

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