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Why doesn’t Simon Pegg want to star in a Marvel movie?

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Movie cinema is now an integral part of the Hollywood scene, attracting more and more people and generating staggering numbers at the box office. However, not all actors are ready to join this circle. Simon Pegg, known for Corneto’s legendary Edgar Wright trilogy, Explaining why he doesn’t want to star in a Marvel movie.

Simon Pegg doesn’t want to star in a Marvel movie

Interviewed on microphones NEWSWEEKAnd the The British actor explained that he only wanted to participate in adult projects And it differs with Marvel’s overly long-term contracts: “I want to do more things for adults in the future. Think Mission Impossibe, for example, it’s undoubtedly a non-kid-oriented franchise. I’d also like to do some dramatic stuff. I’m in no rush to get into the MCU or anything like that.” Because I want to be free. When you get into this scenario, however, you’ve been forced to do these things for years, you’re bound by them by contracts. And that’s a limiting thing for me.”

Over the past few years, many insider’s criticisms toward Marvel movies have been squandered. There were those like Roland Emmerich, director of Independence Day, who called them “the ruins of the film industry,” and those As Martin Scorsese called them simple theme parks. Nicolas Cage, who played Ghost Rider, also stepped in, Praising Marvel movies for bringing smiles and happiness to people.

Simon Pegg will return as Benji Dunn Mission Impossible: Dead Account Part 1, next year. Meanwhile, Marvel has been a big hero to San Diego Comic-Con in recent days, announcing projects that have rocked the Web and beyond: Among these: The long-awaited Secret Wars movie to hit theaters in 2025.

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