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Why did summer never come to London? «The cold, it’s all Europe’s fault» –

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From our correspondent
LONDON – The irony has not escaped on social networks: “In Europe there are 40 degrees – they write on Instagram – and here is autumn: is it part of the Brexit agreement?”. Yes why Great Britain – After leaving the EU – It appears isolated from the continent also from a meteorological point of view: summer never reached London, the lows nailed to 12 degrees and at night you sleep under the duvet, during the day you can’t climb above 20, it always rains and in the morning you have to go out with Barbour.

Even in the newspapers, hilarious cartoons flourish, with the Englishman soaked in his underwear Call heat wave: here the media give a wide space, with Shocking headlinesIn the The oven that prevails in our parts, and perhaps more than the Italian newspapers. But if it looks like it’s November in London, experts explain that, again, This is all Europe’s fault: I really Cerberus E Sharon that drive bad weather across the channel.

“Thathigh pressure It sits there and keeps turning up the heat from them – explains the situation to Times Simon Partridge, a meteorologist at the Met Office – but alas It keeps us in this changing tide, so nothing good for the next few weeks.. He also admits that the weather is “somewhat disappointing” in mid-July and that there will be “nothing particularly hot or sunny” for weeks, with “annoying” showers forecast for days ahead and with The temperatures are definitely below average At least until the end of the month (and here the summer average maximum is 22-23 degrees).

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Firefighters’ efforts to put out a fire at a hotel in Brighton over the weekend were severely hampered by strong winds. All of England has been forced to cancel outdoor events due to inclement weather Including, for the first time in 30 years, the Goodwood Car Festival in Sussex.

The British, as always, are undeterred: keep calm and carry onHence, is their motto You see people in shorts slaloming through puddlesBecause here are the indigenous people They dress according to the calendar, not the weather What does he do, and so in July we go easy, whatever the cost. But this year is particularly difficult, also due to the high cost of living and the skyrocketing price of airfare Many chose accommodation, a happy, self-sufficient vacation.

But there are also those who just can’t take it anymore: One commenter wrote about me taking everything away from the sun, telegraphAnnouncing the happy departure from the burning Corfu. You keep the English summer wet.

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