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Because Biden travels to the G7 in Europe. Annoying feeling – time

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President Biden is coming to Madrid to give Europe an excellent test. Tony Capuzzo, former war correspondent for TG5, is a guest at “Controcorrente” on Saturday 25th June and has no doubts. At the heart of the episode, conducted by Veronica Gentile, there is always the war between Russia and Ukraine and the moves of the European Union and America. “Biden flies to Madrid for the G7, what will he ask allies?” asks the host Capuozzo. “It’s not a regional war,” the reporter immediately clarified.

After signing the Firearms Act finally approved by Congress yesterday, the US president is leaving for Europe, where he is expected to participate in the G7 summit in Germany and at the NATO summit in Madrid. Among the topics that the US President will address at Schloss Elmau with the other six topics are support for Ukraine, the energy and food crisis caused by the Russian invasion, as well as the climate crisis, infrastructure development, and global security. Health and the development of future bases of economics and technologies.

“We are fighting for the whole of Europe – Capuzzo emphasizes, answering the question – Europe has the task of facing the situation. The United States has set and will allocate funds for weapons, but they regard the Pacific Ocean, Taiwan and all the rest as theirs. The task of the classroom. ” And then the painful final consideration: What is happening in Ukraine is the task of the Europeans, and in part, Boris Johnson took on that task with great enthusiasm, and Europe reluctantly because we have gone too far we should not go.”

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