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Black Mirror Many details about the plot of the new episodes hitting Netflix have been revealed

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The quintessential dystopian series in recent years is about to return: Two Weeks Ago Netflix Show the first trailer for The Unpredictable Season six of black mirrorthe show he created Charlie Brooker which aims to find its loyal (but also frustrated) fans.

As usual, this season will also consist of episodes that have nothing to do with the narrative but feature some big stars from the world of film and television. Obviously, the thread that will connect everything will be Technological drift and how this might affect social and human relations, an image that has often proved grim in fiction black mirror.

In anticipation of the release, Netflix has now shared many details about the new episodes with users, including Titles, plot and details On the actors and actresses we will see in each episode. particularly:

  • Joanne is awesome: An ordinary woman is amazed to discover that a global streaming platform has launched a smash-hit TV adaptation of her life, in which she is played by Hollywood star Salma Hayek.. Cast: Annie Murphy Salma Hayek PinaultAnd Michael CeraHimesh Patel, Rob Delaney Ben Barnes
  • Luke Henry: A young couple travels to a quiet Scottish town to begin work on a nature documentary. The heroes find themselves entangled in an intriguing local story involving horrific events from the past. Cast: Samuel Blinken, Mihala Herold, Daniel Portman, John Hannah, Monica Dolan
  • Beyond the sea: In an alternate 1969, two men on a dangerous high-tech mission face the aftermath of an unimaginable tragedy. Throw: Aaron PaulAnd Josh HartnettAnd Kate MaraOden Thornton, Rory Culkin
  • Mazy’s day: A troubled star pursues the invading paparazzi as she deals with the aftermath of an accident. Throw: Zazie BeetzClara Rogard, Dani Ramirez
  • demon 79: Northern England, 1979. A well-mannered saleswoman is told she must commit terrible deeds to avert disaster. Cast: Anjana Vasan, Papa Isidu, Kathryn Rose Morley, David Shields
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Creator Charlie Brooker was to write all the episodes, while directing they took turns going by different names. The descriptions of the episodes definitely help frame Season 6 better, since everything seemed so murky and dark from the first teaser.

It will come to Netflix in June 2023However, there is no exact date yet.

picture: Netflix

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