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Who killed Malcolm X? Two men accused of premeditated murder will be acquitted after 55 years –

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New York Times press release: The convictions of the two Mondays — Norman 3X Butler and Thomas X Johnson — will be overturned after a nearly two-year investigation found loopholes and massive coverage in the original investigation. New doubts are cast on the question of who and why Malcolm X was killed

who killed Malcom X
? The current question suddenly becomes after The New York Times She revealed that two men convicted of her murder are about to be acquitted, 55 years after the murder.

the two – Muhammad A. Aziz NS Khalil Al-Islam |, known as Norman 3X Butler NS Thomas X Johnson They were convicted on the basis of different (contradictory) eyewitness accounts and without any factual evidence. Aziz, now 83, was released from prison in 1985. Islam, who was released in 1987, died in 2009, and will not see the day his sentence is rescinded.

An investigation that lasted nearly two years and was jointly conducted by the Office of the Attorney General in Manhattan and the attorneys for the two, She rewrote one of the most exciting episodes in recent US history, exposing countless flaws in the original investigation, including details that the FBI and NYPD decided to hide that would likely lead to the two’s acquittal.

Among them is the fact that there were secret agents at the place where Malcolm X was killed at the time of the assassination; The fact that a dear excuse was confirmed by a witness who is still alive; And the fact that the New York Daily News reporter got a call on the morning of the murder that Malcolm X had been murdered that day was revealed.

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Malcolm X was murdered on February 21, 1965 with 16 shots fired by three people at Audubon Hall in Manhattan. The murder took place in front of his pregnant wife and three of his daughters. The new investigation – born after the publication of the documentary Who Killed Malcolm X? On Netflix and a new biography of one of the best-known and most talked about leaders in the struggle for African-American rights – it does not reveal who is responsible for the death of Malcolm X; Who was involved, without criminal consequences, in the original investigation is now dead. Nor did the investigation conclude that there was a political cover-up or a government plot to kill the African American leader. But it leaves many questions open – including how and why the police and federal government failed to prevent the assassination.

As revealed last February By three of Malcolm X’s daughters, dying NYPD officer Raymond Wood has accused the FBI and NYPD of being behind the black leader’s assassination. He wrote regretting “participation in unfortunate and harmful actions for the progress of blacks” (as he did). Here is Viviana MazzaWood explains that he received pressure from his superiors in the NYPD to get two Malcolm X security personnel to commit crimes a few days before February 21. The crimes that would have kept the two away from the Security Department, facilitating the investigation of a police and FBI plot to kill him.

Three members of the Nation of Islam were convicted of the murder: in addition to Butler and Johnson, Talmadge Heyer. Butler and Johnson were arrested 5 and 10 days after the assassination and have always pleaded not guilty.

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Malcolm X, Malcolm Little, was born in Omaha, Nebraska, into a poor, politically active family. This activity could have caused the death of his father, who ended up under the tram when Malcolm was only 6 years old: the Ku Klux Klan is suspected of being behind the accident.

Having spent a youth among drugs and deception until the age of twenty: and converted to the Nation of Islam, the sect of Elijah Muhammad that defended a certain version of Islam, according to which, whites were demons, hereditary, while black Americans belonged to the enslaved ancient Asian tribe of Shabazz. The Nation of Islam asked converts to renounce the title of slave by replacing it with an X; He preached the separation between whites and blacks. He forbade participation in the political process.

Malcolm, having risen to the ranks of the organization, abandoned it in 1964, converted to Sunni Islam and entered directly into the field of politics. It does not give up making inflammatory statements against what it considers a racist system, nor renounce violence (extremism in defense of freedom is not a vice, moderation in the pursuit of justice is not a virtue, as he said in Oxford in 1964, As mentioned in this web report by Viviana Mazza). This is why he is often contrasted with Martin Luther King, who advocated inclusion and nonviolence, while fighting for African-American rights. Like King, Malcolm X was also killed at the age of 39. After 55 years, the question about the identity of the perpetrators remains unanswered.

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