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Who is Rosalinda Canavu? Age, Job, Boyfriend, Instagram, Kids, Movies & Story Show 2022

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Will Rosalinda Canavu, a well-known actress and former GF VIP contestant, who has accepted the challenge and will present herself on Tale and which Show, Rai 1’s most diverse program, to be able to impress the judges and impress everyone with her talent? Carlo Conte will lead again.

Biography and successes of Rosalinda Canavu

Rosalinda Canavu, who used the stage name Adua Del Vesco, is a young Italian actress who was born in Messina on November 26, 1992. Having got close to dancing, she started the path to becoming an actress at the age of 16 and in 2012 made her debut. On the small screen at a very young age with the third season of the novel L’onore e il dire. In 2014, he made his film debut with Judah Kiss and returned to television with Sin and Infamy. From there one success after another. Rosalinda, in fact, has acted in novels like He Was Not My Son and Women’s Beauty, and also made her debut as a singer. In 2018, she returned to television with Furore – Capitolo Secondo and to cinema in Paolo Sorrentino Loro, where she played Veronica Lario at a young age.

In 2020, actress Adua Del Vesco participated in the fifth edition of Big Brother VIP, and during her long stay she decided to abandon the stage name “Adua” and return to using her real name Rosalinda. In the semi-finals, she placed seventh, but was eliminated. From there, however, he achieved success after success. Not just as an actress. In 2021, she actually becomes the host of Casa Chi – a show broadcast by Mediaset Infinity and on Instagram – and on February 25, 2022 she released a new single called “Semper forward”. She is now ready to participate in the Tale and which Show! Not just the successes: During Big Brother Phoebe’s behavior, Adua said he battled an eating disorder. “I came in for a weight of 32 kg. (64 lbs). “My mother washed me and cried.” Today I close this class.

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Who is Andrea Zinga’s boyfriend, private life

All of Rosalinda’s relationships were with actors and she was engaged twice. The first time she was engaged to Massimiliano Mora, rival of the older brother Phoebe. However, Rosalinda says that their relationship was a “fairy tale”, and she later met Gabriel Jarco on the set of “It Wasn’t My Son.” However, even this relationship was not real: it was all a hoax. After that, Rosalinda had a long relationship with Giuliano, but their story ended because the beautiful actress from the most spy house in Italy met Andrea Zinga and fell in love with her.

Instagram: Rosalinda Cannavò focuses on social media

Profile personly Instagram From Adua Del Vesco is @adua.del.vesco. The actress boasts over 620,000 followers!

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