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Who are the “most ferocious” Buryats among Putin’s soldiers –

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Originating from Buryatia, a region on the border between Mongolia and Siberia, many witnesses have indicated that they are responsible for looting, rape and torture

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Kherson Oblast – “These are their bodies.” We said it here After seeing six corpses of soldiers killed a few days ago in front of the line of fire near the village of Visokopila.

By observing their faces – or rather what was left of them – it was clear that their eyes resembled almonds and it was clear that they were not Russian.

Very young boys, certainly less than 20 years old, were killed while trying to storm Ukrainian trenches in broad daylight. “They are Buryatia”Explanation of the commander of the Ukrainian forces we were with Embedded frontline Using the expression Ukrainians refer to those who come from Buryatia, a region on the border between Mongolia and Siberia. From the testimonies collected among the displaced from Kherson state that we said here And hereit turns out that the “Buryatians” are a Looting, destroying, raping, torturing and killing Ukrainians in the occupied territories. And the same was said by those who survived Boca massacres.

Behind the many controversies that were born in Pushcha caseit must be emphasized that in order to invade Ukraine, the Kremlin needs to recruit men and “new forces” to fight without asking too many questions and without paying a lot of money.

The Buryats – according to the Italian version – are a Mongolian people living between Russia (90%), Mongolia (9%) and China (1%). represent The largest ethnic minority in Siberia But most of them are now in Republic of BuryatiaRepublic of the Russian Federation, founded in 1994.

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After the annexation of Buryatia to Russia, the Buryat culture came under the influence of Tibetan Buddhism and the Orthodox Christian Church, and the Buryats in the regions west of Lake Baikal and Olkhon (Buryat Irkutsk) were subjected to the “russification” process. This prompted them to abandon nomadic practices and itinerant farming.

Traditionally, the Buryats are part of the Russian army. And already in 1766 they were organized into special forces (such as Cossack troops) from 4 regiments, with which in 1851 they became part of the Cossack troops in Beyond Baikal.

poor fellow, Very poor, with 17.9 percent of the population living below the poverty line According to the latest available data, it is not surprising that young male Buryats – even very young such as those we saw lying on the ground – became the fuel for Moscow’s cannons. Nor is it surprising that once on Earth – perhaps without knowing why – they indulge themselves in atrocities and “dirty deeds” that part of the Russian military might prefer to avoid, fearing that they will end up in an international court tomorrow.

It must also be emphasized that the Buryats are certainly not the only ethnic minority present among the Russian forces. In addition to Chechnya, there are reports of the presence of soldiers from Abkhazia, Dagestan and Ossetia.

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