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Memories of “The Cliff of Mysteries” series

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If the TV series Cliff of Mysteries is exciting, it is certainly thanks to the compelling plot that tells the story of Lola Bremond who, a quarter century later, discovers the truth of a horrific murder and her mother.

The Franco-Belgian series, with its original title “Jugée coupable”, moves from Bordeaux, where the girl lives, to the stunning spectacle. Brittany coast, where Lola is called for a job interview. And the location is another reason for the success of the TV series.

Cliff Puzzles Sites

The cliff from which the TV series takes its Italian title is located Morbihan Bay, In the middle of the Atlantic, its reference city fanness Which in Breton means “the white city”. It’s a fascinating medieval town, with half-timbered houses and walls built in the 13th century, and one of the lesser-known destinations in the area. The bay is a picturesque, picturesque natural bay with islands and boats that mark the anchorages of all the coastal villages of this region in the north of France.

Van Houses, Brittany half-timbered

Always overlooking the sea is a town La Trinity-sur-MerWhere some scenes were placed, especially those in the gendarmerie, which is in fact the headquarters of the municipality. It is famous for its port and beaches, which can be reached along a delightful road called Sentier des douaniers, a walk of about eight kilometers that leads to Pointe de Kerbihan and the beaches of Quiberon Bay. In front of Kervellene Beach are salt flats that were recently renovated after 50 years of neglect.

Brittany Cliff site puzzles

Breton Coast in Morbihan

The Quiberon It is a peninsula made up of beaches with fine sand but also of wild nature. Here we are in Brittany’s most famous, the one we see on postcards, made up of rugged cliffs, boulders carved by ocean waters like caves and thundering waves crashing on dark rocks. For the French – and not only – it is one of the most beautiful places to surf Brittany. Those less reckless can instead take the Grande Randonnée Trail, which circles the peninsula and makes a great show.

Hinnepont Brittany

Hennepont fortified city in Brittany

They all look the same but they are not. Another city with some scenes “cliff puzzles” Hinnipont, about fifty kilometers north of Van, is a town that has managed to preserve its splendid medieval heritage. It is accessed through what used to be fortified gates – restored after World War II – supporting the largest number of towers, from above which you can enjoy the best view of the city, as well as from the patrol path and along the restored part of the walls.

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In addition to the half-timbered houses, cobbled streets, and stone bridges, there is the medieval old town of Aurey Saint-Goustan, two towns forming one. Benjamin Franklin landed here in 1776 to meet King Louis XVI. Not far from it is Sainte-Anne-de-Auray, the first Catholic pilgrimage site in Brittany.

Of course they could not fail to shoot some scenes in the most famous location in the Brittany region: Carnac. The Carnac alignment They are among the largest rock complexes in the world. It consists of about 3,000 monoliths, erected 6,000 years ago, scattered throughout the Breton countryside. The site also includes the largest currently known prehistoric minaret, which is 20 meters long and weighs 300 tons.

carnac-brittany-menhir . site

Carnac alignment, among the largest rock complexes in the world

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